Kling ja Caplan: leerid ja väljavõtted

I think the key issue in the contest between Progressive Corporatism and The Resistance might be summarized as this:

If you believe that politicians are about solving problems and need more power in order to do so, then you are going to side with Progressive Corporatism.

If you believe that politicians are about power and need problems as an excuse to get it, then you are going to side with The Resistance.

Arnold Kling tendentsidest ja aina selgemini joonistuvatest leeridest USA. Sama hästi võiks rääkida nii mõnestki teisest riigist . Ühtlasi haakub teemaga suurepäraselt ka Bryan Caplani postitus, kus teemaks Rothbard’i “For A New Liberty” 10. peatüki sisu:

“On the free market, in short, the consumer is king, and any business firm that wants to make profits and avoid losses tries its best to serve the consumer as efficiently and at as low a cost as possible. In a government operation, in contrast, everything changes. Inherent in all government operation is a grave and fatal split between service and payment, between the providing of a service and the payment for receiving it.” 

As a corollary, government is unresponsive to demand shifts:

“Thus, if consumer demand should increase for the goods or services of any private business, the private firm is delighted; it woos and welcomes the new business and expands its operations eagerly to fill the new orders.  Government, in contrast, generally meets this situation by sourly urging or even ordering consumers to “buy” less, and allows shortages to develop, along with deterioration in the quality of its service.”

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