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  1. The peloton field, bunch or pack is the large main group in a road bicycle race. Riders in a group save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) near (particularly behind) other riders. The reduction in drag is dramatic; in the middle of a well-developed group it can be as much as 40%.
  2. List of journalists who have been killed in Russia is a list that consists of journalists who died from all possible reasons (including criminal, terrorism etc).
  3. Charles Veley is an American claimant to the title of the world’s most traveled person. At age 37 he became the youngest recorded person to visit all countries of the world as defined by the Travelers’ Century Club.
  4. Prosopagnosia (sometimes known as face blindness) is a disorder of face perception where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, while the ability to recognize other objects may be relatively intact. The term originally referred to a condition following acute brain damage, but recently a congenital form of the disorder has been identified, which is inherited by about 2.5% of the population.
  5. Homiletics (Gr. homiletikos, from homilos, to assemble together), in theology the application of the general principles of rhetoric to the specific department of public preaching.
  6. Williams syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder caused by a deletion of about 26 genes from the long arm of chromosome 7. It is characterized by a distinctive, “elfin” facial appearance, along with a low nasal bridge; an unusually cheerful demeanor and ease with strangers; mental retardation coupled with unusual (for persons who are diagnosed as mentally retarded) language skills; a love for music; and cardiovascular problems, such as supravalvular aortic stenosis and transient hypercalcaemia.
  7. XOXO (Hugs and kisses) also love and kisses, is a term for a sequence of the letters X and O typically to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letter, email or SMS text message. There is much debate on whether X’s represent hugs or kisses.

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  1. PaulV ütleb:

    “There is much debate on whether X’s represent hugs or kisses.” – küll inimesed ikka leiavad mille üle vaielda, LOL (Loud Opulent Laughing).

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