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Chupa Chups is a lollipop company founded by Spanish native Enric Bernat in 1958. In the early 1950s, Bernat worked for an apple jam factory. After he broached the idea of making lollipops, the investors left. Bernat took over the company in 1958 and renamed it Chupa Chups. Within five years Bernat’s sweets were being sold at 300,000 outlets. When the candy was first created, the lolly sticks were made of wood but they switched to plastic sticks as a result of the Spanish wood shortage. The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by artist Salvador Dalí.

Micrographia is a historic book by Robert Hooke, detailing the then thirty year-old Hooke’s observations through various lenses. Published in September 1665 it was the first scientific best-seller, inspiring a wide public interest in the new science of microscopy. Hooke most famously describes a fly’s eye and a plant cell (where he coined that term because plant cells, which are walled, reminded him of a monk’s quarters). Known for its spectacular copperplate engravings of the miniature world, particularly its fold-out plates of insects, the text itself reinforces the tremendous power of the new microscope.

Ergenekon (vaata kindlasti ka postitust Ergenekon – kas türklaste õigussüsteemi proovikivi?) is the name given to an alleged clandestine, Kemalist ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey with ties to members of the country’s military and security forces. The group, named after Ergenekon, a mythical place located in the inaccessible valleys of the Altay Mountains, is accused of terrorism in Turkey. Its agenda has variously been described as Eurasianist, and isolationist.

Boeing X-51 is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic (Mach 6, approximately 4,000 mph or 6,400 km/h at altitude) flight testing. The X-51 had its first captive flight attached to a B-52 in December 2009. The test vehicle successfully completed its first free-flight on 26 May 2010. DARPA had viewed X-51 as a stepping stone to Blackswift, a planned hypersonic demonstrator that was canceled in October 2008.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop! are the cartoon mascots of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal Rice Krispies. The three elf characters were originally designed by illustrator Vernon Grant and made their debut in 1933. The names of the elves are derived from a Rice Krispies radio ad. There was a fourth elf character who was named Pow who was supposed to represent the explosive nutritional value of Rice Krispies but who was later discontinued.

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a type of non-ischemic cardiomyopathy in which there is a sudden temporary weakening of the myocardium (the muscle of the heart). Because this weakening can be triggered by emotional stress, such as the death of a loved one, the condition is also known as broken heart syndrome. Stress cardiomyopathy is a well-recognized cause of acute heart failure, lethal ventricular arrhythmias, and ventricular rupture.

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