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Vaheldurikast lugemist pikka esmaspäeva

The Evolution of House Cats: Some experts speculate that wildcats just so happened to possess features that might have preadapted them to developing a relationship with people. In particular, these cats have “cute” features—large eyes, a snub face and a high, round forehead, among others—that are known to elicit nurturing from humans. Pikem lugu kodukasside […]

Ärritumisest, GMO’dest, evolutsioonist, astronautidest ja fruktoosist

Slate’is ilmus pikem artikkel sellest, miks inimesed ärrituvad ja millist (positiivset) sotsiaalset funktsiooni sellele ärritumisele reageerimine täidab: Humans’ sense of indignation is not just limited to violations against us. Even if you’re able-bodied, think of how offended you feel when you see another able-bodied person pull into a handicapped parking spot. Most of us will […]