Intervjuud Hayek’iga – tsivilisatsiooni irratsionaalsuse mõistmise olulisusest

Two things happened in the last hundred years: on the one hand, an always steadily increasing part of the population did no longer learn in daily life the rules of the market on which our civilization is based. Because they grew up in organizations rather than participating in the market, they no longer were taught these rules.

At the same time, the intellectuals began to tell them these rules are nonsense anyhow; they are irrational. Don’t believe in that nonsense. What was the combination of these two effects? On the one hand, people no longer learned the old rules; on the other hand, this sort of Cartesian rationalism, which told them don’t accept anything which you do not understand. These two effects collaborated and this produced the present situation where there is already a lack of the supporting moral beliefs that are required to maintain our civilization.

F. A. Hayek Bob Chitester’ile antud intervjuus (umbes 17. minut). Vaata ka eelmisi Intervjuud Hayek’iga postitusi.

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