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Intervjuud Hayek’iga – institutsioonid poliitikute suunajana

To come back to the journalists, in their environment, under the conditions in which they work, they probably can’t be blamed for what they do, and still more so for the politicians. It’s one of my present arguments that we have created institutions in which the politicians are forced to be partial, to be corrupt […]

Intervjuud Hayek’iga – sotsiaalsest õiglusest

It [the concept of social justice] is completely empty. I’m convinced it’s completely empty. You see, justice is an attribute of human action, not of the state of affairs, and the application of the term social justice assumes a judgment of the justice of a state of affairs irrespective of how it has been brought […]

Intervjuud Hayek’iga – tsivilisatsiooni ja instinktid

Civilization disagrees with a great many of our innate instincts, and most of the people haven’t reconciled themselves with that fact. Civilization has certain costs and involves certain constant disappointments of what we call natural needs. Solzhenitsyn is still a man who relies a great deal on natural instincts, and to discover that there are […]

Intervjuud Hayek’iga – sissejuhatuseks

Friedrich August von Hayek (circa 1940) Allikas: Hoover Institution Universidad Francisco Marroquin võimaldas mõned kuud tagasi kõigil huvilistel vaadata täies pikkuses intervjuusid, mis tehtud F. A. Hayekiga 1978. aastal. Projekt on märkimisväärne mitte ainult intervjuude mahu tõttu, mis kokku ületavad 15 tunni piiri vaid ka küsitlejate tõttu. Lisaks Nobeli memoriaalpreemia majandusteaduses pälvinud James Buchananile vestlevad […]