Intervjuud Hayek’iga – fikseeritud vahetuskursside kaitsmisest

It was a difference between nearly all my friends, who were in favor of flexible exchanges, and my support of fixed exchange rates, which I had intellectually to justify. I was driven to the conclusion that I wanted fixed exchange rates, not because I was convinced that it was necessarily a better system but it was the only discipline on governments which existed. If you released the governments from that discipline, the democratic process, which I have been analyzing in different conditions, was bound to drive it into inflation. Even my defense of fixed exchange rates was, in a way, limited. I was against abandoning them only where people wanted flexible exchanges in order to make inflation easier.

F. A. Hayek Axel Leijonhufvud’ile antud intervjuus (umbes 64. minut). Vaata ka eelmisi Intervjuud Hayek’iga postitusi.

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