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Virginia Instituudi lehelt James Buchanani värskeima teose Why I, Too, Am Not a Conservative: The Normative Vision of Classical Liberalism Don Boudraux tutvustusest:

The modern “liberal” fancies himself to be enlightened and caring because he seeks to use government to improve the lives of others even when this involves forcing others to act differently than they freely choose to act. Although the true conservative’s motives for constraining others’ actions might (or might not!) differ from those of the modern “liberal,” at root both conservatives and modern “liberals” disdain and distrust ordinary men and women. True liberals do not.

One result is that true liberals willingly allow peaceful adults do whatever they please. This willingness grows not from the liberal’s lack of concern for his fellow man, but from his respect for his fellow man – from the true-liberal’s mature recognition that his fellow man is, like himself, an adult with his own unique history, needs, and dreams. And when we treat others as adults, we accord them not only the freedom to pursue whatever peaceful paths they choose, but we also recognize them to be responsible.

The responsible person, of course, neither needs nor seeks the coddling and constraints imposed by the modern welfare-and-nanny state. But because the modern “liberal” believes so ardently that ordinary people must be coddled and constrained if they are to lead decent lives, the conservative roots of the modern “liberal” are exposed: the good and the wise must control the masses.

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