Kord ostis üks perekond endale Shotimaal lossi…

The home is so large — 80 rooms — that a tour takes more than an hour, and it is impossible to remember where you’ve been or where any of the rooms are in relation to one another. A door off the three-story reception area on the first floor leads to a dining room nearly the size of a volleyball court, its plaster ceiling decorated with intricate carvings of poppies — Matheson’s tribute to his favorite cash crop. Windows that stretch nearly from floor to ceiling look out across the loch to steep, treeless mountains. The place is otherwise a warren of rooms — a design meant to help ward off drafts. In one room, you can actually squeeze behind a wardrobe and end up in the school addition. Perlin jokes that the house is so large that she sometimes loses track of where she’s put her 5-month-old son down to nap. Sam and Perlin are rarely in the same room together during the day and seem startled when they do bump into each other.

Hämmastavalt kaasahaarava lugu ühest lossist ja sinna kolinud perekonnast. Ilusast unistusest, millest sai ekstreemsetes tingimustes painaja, kust võitjana ei väljunud keegi.

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