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Gasometers in Vienna are four former gas tanks, each of 90,000 m³ storage capacity, built as part of the Vienna municipal gas works Gaswerk Simmering in 1896–1899. Vienna undertook a remodelling and revitalization of the protected monuments and in 1995 called for ideas for the new use of the structures. Each gasometer was divided into several zones for living, working and entertainment and shopping . Indoor facilities include a music hall (capacity 2000–3000 people), movie theatre, student dormitory, municipal archive, and so on. There are about 800 apartments (two thirds within the historic brick walls) with 1600 regular tenants, as well as about 70 student apartments with 250 students in residence.

Gegenschein is a faint brightening of the night sky in the region of the antisolar point. s so faint that it is invisible with the presence of any moonlight or light pollution, or if it falls in the vicinity of the Milky Way. The gegenschein appears as a softly glowing oval region a few degrees wide and 10–15° in length, oriented along the plane of the ecliptic. Like the zodiacal light, the gegenschein is sunlight reflected by interplanetary dust.

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, is a large physics experiment which is attempting to directly detect gravitational waves. At the cost of $365 million (in 2002 USD), it is the largest and most ambitious project ever funded by National Science Foundation. LIGO operates two gravitational wave observatories in unison: the LIGO Livingston Observatory in Livingston, Louisiana and the LIGO Hanford Observatory, on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, located near Richland, Washington. These sites are separated by 3,002 kilometers. Each observatory supports an L-shaped ultra high vacuum system, measuring 4 kilometers on each side.

Eiger (3,970 m) is a mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. While the summit was reached without much difficulty in 1858 by a complex route on the west flank, the battle to climb the north face has captivated the interest of climbers and non-climbers alike. Most of the attempts on the face ended tragically and the Bernese authorities even banned climbing it and threatened to fine any party that should attempt it again. But the enthusiasm which animated the young talented climbers from Austria and Germany finally vanquished its reputation of unclimbability when a party of four climbers successfully reached the summit in 1938 by what is known as the “1938” or “Heckmair” route.

Panarchy is a conceptual term first coined by the Belgian botanist and economist Paul Emile de Puydt in 1860, referring to a specific form of governance (-archy) that would encompass (pan-) all others. The Oxford English Dictionary lists the noun as “chiefly poet” with the meaning “a universal realm,” citing a 1848 attestation by Philip James Bailey, “the starry panarchy of space”. The adjective panarchic “all-ruling” has earlier attestations. In the twentieth century the term was re-coined separately by scholars in international relations to describe the notion of global governance and then by systems theorists to describe non-hierarchical organizing theories.

The McGurk effect is a perceptual phenomenon which demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. It suggests that speech perception is multimodal, that is, that it involves information from more than one sensory modality. It was first described in a paper by Harry McGurk and John MacDonald in 1976. This effect may be experienced when a video of one phoneme’s production is dubbed with a sound-recording of a different phoneme being spoken.

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