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Isola Bella is one of the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore in north Italy. The island is 320 meters long by 400 meters wide and is entirely occupied by the Palazzo Borromeo and its Italianate garden. Until 1632 the island was a rocky crag occupied by a tiny fishing village: but that year Carlo III of the influential House of Borromeo began the construction of a palazzo dedicated to his wife, Isabella D’Adda, from whom the island takes its name. The island achieved its highest level of social success during the period of Giberto V Borromeo (1751–1837) when guests included Edward Gibbon, Napoleon and his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais, and Caroline of Brunswick, the Princess of Wales.

A trap street is a fictitious entry in the form of a misrepresented street on a map, often outside the area the map nominally covers, for the purpose of “trapping” potential copyright violators of the map, who will be unable to justify the inclusion of the “trap street” on their map. On maps that are not of streets, other “copyright trap” features (such as non-existent towns or mountains with the wrong elevations) may be inserted or altered for the same purpose. Trap streets are often nonexistent streets; but sometimes, rather than actually depicting a street where none exists, a map will misrepresent the nature of a street in a fashion that can still be used to detect copyright violators but is less likely to interfere with navigation.

Toba supereruption occurred between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago at Lake Toba (Sumatra, Indonesia), and it is recognized as one of the Earth’s largest known eruptions. The related catastrophe theory holds that this supervolcanic event plunged the planet into a 6-to-10-year volcanic winter, which resulted in the world’s human population being reduced to 10,000 or even a mere 1,000 breeding pairs, creating a bottleneck in human evolution. Some researchers argue that the Toba eruption produced not only a catastrophic volcanic winter but also an additional 1,000-year cooling episode.

Manchester Capitalism (Machester Liberalism) is a term for the political, economic, and social movements of the 19th century that originated in Manchester, England. The Manchester Liberals argued that free trade would lead to a more equitable society, making essential products available to all. Theoretically, Manchester Liberalism was founded on the writings of David Hume, Adam Smith and Jean-Baptiste Say. The great champions of the “Manchester School” were Richard Cobden and John Bright. As well as being advocates of free trade they were radical opponents of war and imperialism and proponents of peaceful relations between peoples.

Brazen Head was a prophetic device attributed to many medieval scholars who were believed to be wizards, or who were reputed to be able to answer any question. It was always in the form of a man’s head, and it could correctly answer any question asked of it. However, depending on the story, it could be cast in brass or bronze, it could be mechanical or magical, and it could answer freely or it could be restricted to “yes” or “no” answers. Among the people reputed to have a brazen head were: Roger Bacon, Pope Sylvester II, Albertus Magnus, Virgil, Robert Grosseteste, Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, Faust, Enrique de Villena, Arnaldus de Villa Nova.

The island of stability in nuclear physics describes a set of as-yet undiscovered isotopes of transuranium elements which are hypothesized to be much more stable than others. Specifically, they are expected to have radioactive decay half-lives of at least minutes or days as compared to seconds, with some expecting half-lives of millions of years. The manufacture of nuclei in the island of stability proves to be very difficult, because the nuclei available as starting materials do not deliver the necessary sum of neutrons. For the synthesis of isotope 298 of element 114 one could use an isotope of plutonium and one of calcium, that together have a sum of at least 298 nucleons, for example calcium-50 and plutonium-248. However these and the heavier isotopes are not available in weighable quantities, making production in this way virtually impossible with current methods.

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