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The thing is, I’m also 50% convinced that Krugman is to Keynesians as Richard Perle is to neoconservatives.  When an embittered ideologue derides his political leader for demonstrating a willingness to compromise and “negotiating with yourself,” well, one does get the sense of deja vu. 

The rhetorical parallels between neocons and Keynesians are increasingly disturbing.  Martin Wolf argued late last week that “shock and awe” is required to stimulate the global economy — a point seconded by Krugman.  Critics of the Keynesian approach are summarily dismissed as wingnuts. 

Daniel Drezner näeb hämmastavalt tabavaid paralleele.

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  1. eke s.i ütleb:

    Ehk jätkaksime tsitaati:

    “I’m in the Ken Rogoff camp on the economy — I’m somewhat dubious about the ability of any stimulus package to really jumpstart the economy, and very wary about the long-term costs of this strategy (for one thing, Bretton Woods II still needs to be unwound). But I also don’t have a better idea and “the situation is so dangerous it has to be tried.”

  2. Jüri Saar ütleb:

    Ei näe probleemi ja eks selleks ka viide, et saaks allikaga tutvuda.

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